luni, 15 decembrie 2014

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne

From the brilliant musical theme beautiful movement weighted player, all with a good core Throne. This is a simple concept; roguelike corresponds to a shot from the top down, the background of the mutant characters and a post-apocalyptic desert.

It's a tough game, make no mistake, and domain takes time and lots of practice. But there are a lot of different challenges and roguelike is procedurally generated levels to keep things fresh repeated attempts. There is a good selection of characters to offer, and these characters are all very different and / skill powers, and this means that there are many different ways to express yourself clearly limited in the game (more on that here).

Nuclear Early Access to the throne was for some time, and has been an enriching experience for both society and the Vlambeer. For a company, especially those who are interested in game design, there was a great interesting project, with regular live stream development process, warts and all. To Vlambeer had them the opportunity to interact with the local community to an unprecedented level. He was fair to say that all parties are well operations.

to the Throne - to create a game that is publicly something we never tried before, and behold, we live in a community that grow around the current development was an exciting and challenging," he said Vlambeer Rami Ismail.
Transmission Weekly gave us an understanding of the nature of the design and balance mänge.Palju people who grew up during the year, and each with their own unique abilities, have a great impact on the game and watch the ebb and flow of development side is instructive.


Similarly, although there is a great community to see the game grow, the enthusiasm of the players are spread out there again in the studio: "There is so much to do, and we are very excited to have the community there with us because, especially Wiki and play video that a group of people are doing, they are so motivating, provides direction and performance, even if we are able to create a game. "

"This is a game that we have the most fun to work with, all the games I've ever worked on, and it's a very big problem," said Rami Ismail event when interviewed earlier this year.

The game is played 53 update, and there is still much to be done in terms of development and stability, but it is very well together, we can witness it. We asked what the plans are for next year. "By 2015, we hope that we can stop the nuclear Throne and make the team play, and the connection is hope that he would be judging so far, we are on the right track and is very soothing."

Development goes way Vlambeer Early Access is a breath of fresh air. Knowing that the study is based on strong and does not depend on the completion of the sale of the title is encouraging, and their involvement in the community has moved.

2014 was a good year study by the Nuclear Throne steadily growing in strength, and the successful launch of Luftrauser shooter (if you have not played one check). With the success of this year, according to their collective belts, we look forward to another great show in 2015, the studio set of Nuclear Throne PC and then go to the PS Vita and PS4.